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Added: Ostheer losses and replacements, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine losses, officer losses, non-combat losses.

Added: Wehrmacht monthly casualty reports.

Added: Police reports of the air raids on Dresden in February 1945.

Statistics on German Jews revised and extended, particularly for the Jewish Religious Associations, and monthly deportation figures added.

Corrected and document copies added: Wehrmacht losses 1939.

Added: Births and Deaths in the Soviet Occupation Zone.

Added: Data on air raids, German Jews, the population of Germany

and POWs in Soviet captivity.

Added: Heeresarzt 10-day casualty figures (per theater of war), Wehrmacht losses 1939-1941, Abwicklungsstab figures, losses of Wehrmachtgefolge.

Added: Heeresarzt 10-day casualty figures (armies/army groups per decade), Heeresarzt casualty figures for German Allies.

Added: Heeresarzt 10-day casualty figures (army totals since 1941), OKH/GenQu POW figures, SS losses, monthly POW figures for the OKW zone, POW mortality rates.

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